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My name is Lorie, but please call me Lo.  I  wanted to start to dip back into my creative side and share with you all my personal growth journey. I am a Registered Nurse and love all things lifestyle. I believe all dreams can become reality. After all, I am a true Pisces.  My hope for You: is to explore, get creative, and enjoy all the content here at livingchiclyaverage!


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My Favs Of the Month


This product has become a staple in my skin care routine. What is it exactly? It's basically B3 water-soluble vitamin that helps protect your skin from environmental stressors like toxins in the air. Minimizing pores and softening fine lines are a plus too. Typically great skincare come at a pretty penny, but this is a steal for only $6.  Try it out and tell me what you think. 


I have always been a fan of using a planner. When I came across Golden Coil Planners, I was so excited to order one. What makes it so special is: they are customizable. You can pick your cover, layout, what pages you want inside, and what holidays you want to add to your calendar. I personally track my fitness, food intake and use their mood chart. They have created a system to make planning so easy and actually not feel like a task.


My favorite and daily wear for the last five years. Flowerbomb is a warm scented floral perfume that screams  patchouli and vanilla. It's not overly sweet and smells so so good. It comes in many sizes and I think it's a must-have you should add to your collection. 


I have never really been a sunglasses person. I have gone through many pairs but never 100% loved any of them. I can now say I love my sunglasses. This particular one is made by Celine and is called the Aviator S001. They sell for full price at $460 but I have seen many dupes and look alikesat all price points. Great for all seasons and it will probably be the only pair I wear for a long time. 



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