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My name is Lorie, but please call me Lo. I am a 30-something Bostonian that is currently DC living. I'm into shopping, cooking, beauty, fitness & traveling. I am a first-generation Caribbean American that enjoys all things lifestyle. I grew up an only child and learned my way around the kitchen at an early age. I am a registered nurse. I am a blogger. I am a dreamer. I adore most things art. After obtaining three degrees, with a possible fourth somewhere in the future, it's about time I start to dip into my creative side again and share it with you all. After all, I am a true Pisces. I look forward to you all coming on this road to personal growth with me. I have been facing the real world in a whole new way and with that came a desire to connect even deeper with people about the challenges and life defining moments that come with growth and getting older. My hope for you is to explore, get creative, and enjoy all the content here at livingchiclyaverage!

Blogs about food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.  A space aimed to share moments in life that inspire, intrigue, and entice happiness one day at a time. 

Ambitious | Visionary | Innovator | Creatively Dreaming


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