The perfect little hideaway is located in the westernmost district of the Bahamas.

A great suggestion from a friend to check out Bimini , Bahamas enticed me to book my honeymoon there in 2016. Bimini, Bahamas is made up of North and South. The entire island is 7 miles long and is conveniently only 50 miles from Miami. The beaches are breath taking and after spending the night, you’ll never want to leave! We stayed at the Hilton World Resort. The hotel was beautiful. Everything was new. Their grand opening had recently happened so it was not to my surprise that everything was sparkly clean and shiny.

I have been to many beaches and the worse part is always trying to find a spot on the sand to call your own. The crowd at the beach can often times be so overwhelming. Especially when you look forward to laying out and relaxing. Well folks, go to Bimini. We arrived to this beautiful white sanded beach and had the option of sitting anywhere we wanted. We of course got 2 chairs and an umbrella for $30 that was worth every cent. The only downfall, which I didn't find out about until after I had some fun in the water. It was high peak season for jelly fish. OUCH! Although there is no official season for jellyfish in the Bahamas, they’re most prevalent in the summer months June through late August. So after discovering that, we made a brilliant decision to head straight to the outdoor bar/restaurant area. That of course was after 3 amazing hours of doing nothing and becoming one with sand and salt water. What better way to top off your beach days than with a pina colada with extra rum. Yum right?! The drinks were all so yummy. We made friends with one of the bartenders and he made me a perfect concoction of deliciousness. I had this concoction majority of my stay, but he wouldn't tell me how he made it.

A 5 night stay at the Hilton Resort World Bimini went by so quick. It rained for two days out of our six but it still didn't ruin our honeymoon. I was able to sleep a lot and really relax. Although, I loved the idea that the resort was new, the downfall was they were still ironing out the little details for their guests. For example, they provided a book of excursions for guests to pick from throughout their stay, but due to the resort being brand new, none of that was available. The excursions (other than going to the beach) was non-existent. It was a good thing that my husband and I wanted to relax most of the time, but if we had came with friends, it would have been a deal breaker. They did suggest to us that we could take a ferry to the bigger island near by if we wanted to partake in water sports like snorkeling, jet ski's, paddle boating, etc. At least the option to explore additional parts of the Bahamas was accessible. Not to mention, the staff was so friendly. I would suggest relaxing in their lazy river. It has a swim up bar attached in order to ensure your cup is never empty. If you like strong mixed drinks, definitely get the Bahama Mama. I had a sip of my husbands Bahama Mama and knew that was too much for me. My favorite water feature was their infinity pool. There are two to choose from so definitely take advantage of that.

The food was tasty, but not spectacular. They had a breakfast buffet and restaurant style for options.The Beach Club is the best spot for a casual break in between your relaxing. They had freshly made conch salad and BBQ favorites. The Aqua Bar and Grille had burgers and sandwiches. Sabor Seafood & Steak House had a very romantic setting overlooking the Caribbean Sea, with surf and turf options. We had many of our drinks at the casino which is also another dining option called Hemingway’s. Their burger and fries was probably one of my favorites. Amicci's had great, freshly made pizza and bakery treats. The Healing Hole was another one of my favorites. I had grilled Jerk Chicken. It's a dockside, open-air restaurant and sports lounge that serves a variety of freshly grilled Bahamian favorites. Everything grilled! It was so tasty! There are about 9 places you can go. I loved having the option.

 If the weather wasn't bad toward the end of our stay, we would have explored more but for what it was, I loved it. I would go again in the near future. It's a good option for couples, family and relaxing girls trip!

What are your favorite vacation spots that you have adventured to? What are your dream vacation spots that you plan to explore one day?


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