Nespresso Vertuo: Matte Black

A coffee a day, keeps a grumpy away...Why not brew some good quality coffee?

There are coffee people and there are tea people. I was strictly a tea drinking kind-of-girl. I mean with all the benefits, how could you not be? During the pandemic, I can now say, I equally drink coffee just as much as tea now. Who would of thought?

I purchased the Nespresso machine mostly because one, my husband was wasting too much money buying his daily morning cup of coffee at our local Dunkin Donuts and two, the French Press coffee maker we experimented with for a few months, was simply not cutting it. That French Press, 100% made me dislike coffee all together. I was ready and ok to give up on the whole coffee experience. Regardless of the ratio to coffee grounds to water I tried, I could never get it to taste good. My husband on the other hand would drink it anyway. As expected from a person that eats everything and anything. Being concerned for his gut health, I made it a duty of mine to discover an alternative option that could do away with our morning routine of miserable coffee experiments.

I started to research coffee machines and honestly didn't want a traditional machine or a Keurig. We had already had experience with both a few years ago and I didn't think the coffee from those machines to be great. For someone who doesn't drink coffee, I was really particular on the quality of coffee I could get if I was going to invest on another machine.

After doing all this research, I came across the brand Nespresso. I liked that majority of the reviews had a high score and people boasted on how happy they were with their purchase. I even watched all sorts of YouTube videos. By the end of all that, it was hard to not want my very own Nespresso machine. The hardest part for me was deciding on which machine to pick? There are a variety of options available and just when you thought your choices were over, they then offer a variety of color and finish options you can choose from. I ended up purchasing the: Nespresso Vertuo in Matte Black.

For a quick run down, the Nespresso machine is a system that offers you freshly brewed coffee with crema. The technology that they used, mixes the coffee powder during the brewing process with hot water which is what creates the crema that sits onto of your brew. It's so aesthetically pleasing. Great options are available to make both espresso or coffee. Just in time for Fall, I have been loving the Pumpkin Spice Cake. As far as brewing, each capsule has a barcode that the machine reads. When you lock in the capsule, the machine will then recognize which capsule you have inserted causing it to disperse the correct amount of water to brew your perfect cup of goodness. I purchased the bundle deal that came with the Aeroccino3 Milk Frother. I specifically picked this bundle because I wanted the ability to make my go to latte and chai tea beverages. Click here for the bundle.


...weighs 10.85 pounds

...stands at 11.93 inches tall

...brews coffee and espresso

...a one button operated

...heats up in 15 seconds savers: turns off after 9 minutes if not using

What are your favorite coffee drinks? When you go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, how do you typically order your coffee? What coffee machine do you use at home?


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