I love cooking. I love Caribbean cooking, I love Asian cooking. I love Noodles.

Noodles can be incorporated in so many dishes. The other day, I made a simple version paired with scallions. Simple but really delicious. Scallion noodles originates from Shanghai. I made this dish for lunch, but could easily be a breakfast or dinner food. I would even recommend adding a soft boiled egg to elevate this dish. I added chicken sausage to mine since I was behind on my daily protein intake, but traditionally it would be as simple as noodles and scallions. You too can make this dish using the most basic ingredients of your choice. The aroma alone will make this a quick favorite. Continue reading to get the details.


  • Fresh noodles or ramen noodles

  • Scallions/green onions

  • Soy Sauce

  • Cooking oil

  • Garlic

  • Sausage (or any meat of choice/yummy meatless as well)

  • sofritio/epis

  • brown or white sugar


  1. Cook your noodles of choice, drain and set aside to air dry. do not boil too long so they aren't soggy.

  2. Add oil to pan and once it is hot, add your sofrito/epis. Let that sauté in the hot oil for about a minute. make sure to keep stirring so it doesn't burn.

  3. Then add your sausage and let cook until they are nicely browned (this step can be skipped if you are not adding sausage)

  4. After your sausage is cooked nicely, add 4-5 cloves of chopped garlic (you can never have too much garlic).

  5. After mixing in the garlic, you will then add 1-2 cups of chopped scallions.

  6. Once your scallions are mixed in with all the other staples, you will then mix together 4 to 5 tablespoons of soy sauce and 1 tablespoon sugar in a mix bowl and add to your pan

  7. Once you mix in the mixture and your sausage and scallions are coated in your soy mixture, then add your noodles

  8. Mix in your noodles making sure they are nicely coated with everything in the pan.

  9. Let cook for another minute or two.

  10. Ready to plate and eat.

Click on the video below for a visual. Enjoy!


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