What's your work fit?

Your outfit might as well be both comfy and trendy for your twelve hours of unpredictable chaos.

I never realized how many options there are when it comes to medical gear; specifically scrubs. While in nursing school, I started off wearing scrubs by a brand called Cherokee. They did the job for the most part, but I wasn't in love with the idea of having to hem all my bottoms. Half way through the school year, I came across the brand Figs. I liked that they offered sizes for petite sized people (I am only 5'1). I also liked how stylish their options were. I decided to go with their Zamora jogger scrub pant and Casma three pocket scrub top. Buying joggers was the best decision I could have made. They were perfect in length and I was happy to finally get rid of the need to spend extra money for hemming.

The material they use is a plus. I often feel like other brands use thinner material that tends to feel scratchy against my skin. The only downside is, the price per set is on the higher end. For comfort, I don't mind paying a little more to know I will be comfy throughout my shift. In addition, they run through the wash well. I never had to worry about them shrinking or looking dingy after a few washes.

With starting a new job soon, I needed to purchase more scrubs because I will be required to wear a particular color and I only owned them in the color navy. I was happy to discover that Figs was having a 25% off sale during Thanksgiving week. So I was able to save about $60 dollars for 3 new sets of scrubs. Figs often has great discounts around the holidays and you can also get 15% off year round as a student. You can also save by signing up for their mailing list. I have never purchased from Figs without have some type of savings which is awesome. No one ever wants to overspend so I think it is great that they constantly offer discount deals.

In addition to purchasing new scrubs, I needed comfy sneakers to complete my look. I typically wear Nike and Adidas brand sneakers. I am also thankful for having small feet, so I can get away with shopping in the kids department for shoes. Again, Thanksgiving week was good to me, so I was able to purchase two pairs of sneakers (one black and the other white) at a great discount. My white pair were $38 and my black pair $44. In adult sizing, I would have never found such a deal. So a piece of advice to my budget shoppers like myself, look for your size in kids if you can. In adult sizing, I wear a 5.5 or 6 which is equivalent to a 3.5 or 4 in kids. The biggest size you can find in kids, I believe is a size 6. So if your feet is a size 8 or under in adult sizing, exploring sneaker options in the kids department could work for you.

I love shopping but I applaud myself for always getting a good deal. Why spend extra when you don't have to?

What does your work outfit look like? What are some of your favorite brands for scrubs? What brands do you shop when looking for sneakers? Do you look for deals when shopping or are you a full price type of shopper?


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